4 Twitter Atrocities That Could (And Probably Should) Get You Fired

Okay, “atrocity” is probably too strong of a word, but these are definitely atrocious behaviors that could put you in some hot water – as they should! And there are certainly more than four, so feel free to add your favorite Twitter faux pas at the end of the list.

We know that you think that just because your Twitter handle is something mysterious and doesn’t reveal your name, you’re in the clear. You know that a future employer will never find it and be shocked by your tweets. No way.

Well, think again. SO many folks on Twitter think they’re hiding their identities, yet they use handles that match their email address or their old profile on MySpace – or something else they’ve permanently attached their name to online and forgotten about. And you know what? It comes out eventually. Finding accounts online is not difficult.

And that bit of sunshine brings us to #1: Tweeting like you’re on spring break. Even if you ARE on spring break, those drunken tweets and shoutouts to your homies about your latest exploit are not only distasteful, they’re telling. And you know what they say? “I’m a jerk. You’d be crazy to hire me.” -or- “I”m a jerk. Time to start looking for reasons to fire me.” Not very P.C. (or legal, probably), but who wants to work with a jerk?

Even worse if you’ve posted compromising photos as well.

#2: Tweeting negative comments about your job. Show me a person who absolutely loves everything about their job and I’ll show you a great liar. Everyone has something to gripe about, but Twitter isn’t the place for it (not if you want to remain employed, that is). Oh and if you’re working as a Nanny and feel the need to post about the “bratty” children you’re watching, that’s not only a great way to get fired, it’s a quick road to hell too.

#3: Tweeting nonstop. You’re witty, we get it. We also get that if you’re tweeting nonstop you can’t possibly be working. There’s just no way, it’s impossible. Unless you stay up and load tweets into Hootsuite every night – that’s possible. But even then you’d be exhausted and unable to work. FIRED!

And FYI – this would be why you don’t have more followers too, in case you were wondering. Zip it on occasion (for at least 30 minute stretches) and your numbers will improve.

#4 Creating multiple twitter accounts . . . with the same photo. If you’re embarrassed of some of the stuff you tweeted on an old account (and you should be if it falls under any of the above), don’t just leave the account open and create a new one! Especially not one with the same photo! You know that this old profile of yours still comes up in searches, right? And that we read those old tweets and gasp in mock horror? Just reset your password and deactivate your old, unused accounts, please. Save us all from that little bit of drama.

But why should this get your fired? It probably wouldn’t (though it shows signs of laziness), but again, based on what you have posted on that account, it could form an unfortunate impression.

So are you guilty of any of these atrocities? And do you have any to add to the list?

(Photo of woman covering face from Shutterstock)

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