4 Reasons Freelancers Should Try Ebyline

Ebyline: Welcome to the Virtual Newsroom from Ebyline on Vimeo.

Last week, Ebyline, an online content platform that brings together news organizations and freelance journalists, announced it was adding video and audio capabilities to its list of services.
The “virtual newsroom” — the brainchild of two former Los Angeles Times execs — has worked with groups like ProPublica and Variety magazine. “News is really at the focal point of what we do,” said Bill Momary, Ebyline’s CEO and co-founder.

Here are four reasons  freelancers (and editors) should take a look at Ebyline.

1. You can upload text, photos, video and audio
When it launched in September 2010, Ebyline only accepted articles and photos from freelancers (all of whom are verified by Ebyline staff). But now, Momary said, is the “perfect time” to add multimedia to Ebyline and enhance the suite of opportunities available on the site. Scripps Television Group has already signed on to use this new feature.

2. It’s free
For freelancers, the site is free to use, Momary said. Once you apply and are verified as a freelancer, you can pitch or receive assignments. Publishers do have to pay a small fee, Momary said, but in return they are getting work they know will be high quality. The site also offers an easy way for publishers to manage their freelancers and automates the invoice process. (More on that in #4.)

3. Content is available “a la carte”
Ebyline allows freelancers to upload individual stories or other content and set the pricing themselves. Editors can also buy one video or photograph from a specific freelancer or even from another publisher. On the publisher side, this let’s editors cut costs while still providing high quality content. “We don’t set any prices in the platform at all,” Momary said. “We want buyers and sellers to have communication.”

4. The invoice process is automated
Sometimes it can take months for freelanceres to get paid. Ebyline automates the invoice process so a freelancer receive a check as soon as a week after submitting content. The software can also manage 1099 forms, contract agreements, and state and federal tax reporting.

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