39 More Social Networking-Related iPhone Apps

When we did our coverage of social networking sites the day after the iPhone 3G was released, there were only a handful of social networking-related apps then. From our previous posts listing down 10 of these apps, we now have 49 iPhone apps listed under the Social Networking category. So, this means we’ve got 39 to cover. To guide you in choosing which applications to install in your iPhone, we’ve categorized them into free and paid apps. So, here it is, 39 social networking-related applications for our iPhone.

If you are accessing Rotorblog via your iPhone, you can quickly go to the Apps Store by tapping on the link of each of the applications. If you are reading this on your PC, the link will fire up the iTunes Apps Store, brining you to the applications URL.

Kyte Producer – A full-featured social networking application for the iPhone that lets you share photos and slideshows with your friends on MySpace, Facebook or any other website, blog or mobile phone.

CenceMe – A revolutionary social networking-based iPhone application which utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer to “cence” what your friends are doing – running, walking, dancing, sitting etc. In short it senses human activity and lets you share what you are doing right now through your iPhone.

CellSpin Pix Audio Test – A cool mobile blogging applications that let you blog photos, audio and text to popular sites including Facebook, Google Blogger, Flickr, Picasa and more.

mDialog – a video sharing application for the iPhone sounds great if you have the 16GB version of the iPhone. This application lets you share high-resolution videos to your friends and family.

GPSTwit – Another Twitter-for-iPhone applications that lets you keep your contacts updated with your status as well as your location.

Twinkle – Twitter little star, how I wonder…ops! Sorry about that. Anyway, Twinkle is one of the coolest Twitter application for the iPhone. It’s got full twitter support. No wonder it is a favorite of many Twitter users.

iCloseBy WiFi – Utilizing Wi-Fi hotspots, iCloseBy lets you get spotted on a WiFi hotspot by anyone who are accessing the Wi-Fi. Whether they are using an iPhone, laptop, PSP and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Once spotted, it can pretty much open up some social networking activities for you.

TwitterVision – A fun way to use Twitter on the iPhone which is done through geo-mapping of Twitter users and Twitter posts. You can follow a post or a Twitter member just by tapping their representation on the geomap.

WordPress – There’s only one way to describe this application – one of the best. It’s robust, simple and powerful, and support blog tags, categories, photo support and more. Works with WordPress hosted blog as well.

AIM – The problem with an application that is ported from a web-based service is the fact that it has a bigger name to live up to. Such is the case of AOL’s IM. Sadly, it sticks to the basics but still manage to pull some good features through, that’s according to MacWorld.

TypePad – Like LinkedIn, it took sometime for TypePad to release its own iPhone application. But certainly, the wait is well worth it, as this application is certainly a robust version of the blogging platform.

Clowdy Photo Blogger – To put it simply, this application lets you show people where you are at right now. It lets you take photo, geotag it and post it to your blog quickly and easily.

Plum – This application lets you stay connected with your friends, family and co-workers, and lets you save and share anything – from photos, web pages, notes and more.

MobileChat ($2.99) – In our opinion the price tag is off the mark considering that there are multi-account chat application for the iPhone which are offered free. But if you don’t mind spending $2.99 for a higher level of security, then you may want to install this application.

America’s Best Mobile Pix 3.0 – One of the largest photosharing website goes to the iPhone bringing with it, it’s huge collection of photos. It also lets you submit your own iPhone snapshots as well.

Rooms – Your mobile chat room right in your iPhone. Create your own chat room and start inviting other iPhone users to enter your room. Just as simple as that. One lowdown – you need to spend $.99 to get this application.

PhotoSwap – Yes, a photoswapping applications for the iPhone. Receive new photos taken using the iPhone and send your own photo as a reply. Cool application if I may say so.

Puppyo – A location-aware message board for the iPhone that lets you post messages which contain your current location as well as read messages others have posted.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn may have been a little with its iPhone application since other big social networking sites have gone way ahead but it’s still a valuable application especially for LinkedIn users. In our book, LinkedIn puts some business sense into the iPhone applications.

Tumble – Twitter’s most efficient rival gets an iPhone application as well. It lets you post photos, quotes, links and more to your Tumblr account. That’s basically it.

Shozu – Another highly publicized application for the iPhone. Shozu lets you connect to over 40 social networking and online communication services including Flickr, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and many more.

iCrowd Surf – This application lets you search the crowd no matter where you are. It somehow works like a mobile phone’s bluetooth, but works instead over Wi-Fi. It lets you chat, whisper or crowdcast among the crowd. It doesn’t cost a dime to use iCrowd Surf and you are sure that there will be no spam.

Secrets – Here’s another weird application for the iPhone. Secrets lets you share personal facts and opinions anonymously using text, drawings and photos. It lets you search for secrets using keywords, bookmark your favorite secrets and more.

IM+ All-in-One Messenger – One of the most celebrated IM client goes to the iPhone. It lets you integrate all your IM accounts in your iPhone. Covers Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, Microsoft Live Messenger, ICQ and many more.

me2Day – This application would have been great if it’s not tied up with me2day.net which happens to be a Korean site. At any rate, if you understand Koreans and you have friends in Korea, you might find this application useful.

Graffitio – This is one of the sleekest iPhone application I’ve discovered so far. It lets you find out what other iPhone users have written on a wall pertaining to the place you’ve currently visited. And it lets you write your own comment about the place as well.

XBLFriends – First of the iPhone applications that cater to Xbox gamers. It lets you view your Xbox Buddy list and gaming-related information about them.

WhosHere – Looking for a date? This application lets you post your profile and indicate the age and gender of the person that you are looking for. Then wait till the application shows you iPhone users who qualify your requirements and who are nearest to you. Great for meeting new friends!

SodaSnap Postcard ($3.99) – Lets you create and share electronic postcards from photos you took using your iPhone. TUAW said that “the best part of this application is that it just works, all without creating a pesky account with some company you’ve never heard of.

BluePulse – Another one of ’em mobile social messenger that lets you send and receive messages between BluePulse friends, share status, photos and videos.

1337pwn XBOX Live Friends – This application is kind of unique from the iPhone social networking applications we are listing for the simple reason that it lets Xbox 360 gamers to view their gaming friends from anywhere. It features gamers’ pictures, online status, gamerscore, last played game, and player information.

Daily Poll – Yes, a polling application for the iPhone. Does a pretty simple task of letting you tell the world what you feel, one poll at a time.

Twitterfon – A simple Twitter-for-iPhone application that allows you view friends/replies/messages timeline and send/reply a tweet.

nrme – a location-based social network application that lets you discover what’s going on around you. TechCrunch calls this “a location-based Twitter without the noise.”

FriendSync – A good example of iPhone-Facebook integration. This app lets displays your friends Facebook profile whenever they call you. Couldn’t have been more cool if you were not to pay $2.99 to install the apps, right?

Palringo IM – A rich messaging service that lets you send not only text messages but voice and photo messages as well. Integrates with various IM services including AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and many more.

JustUpdate – Another iPhone app for Twitter that lets you post updates on your Twitter timeline, reply to direct messages of your Twitter followers and those you are following

bliiin – a real-time location-based content and community services that lets you find your friends across the world, share Geo-tagged photos, record trips for playback later. Geo-maps are zoomable as well. Sleek!

Gyazickr – lets you to twitter with your photo, pick a photo and write a caption then twitter it, offers options for image cropping, twitter signature in description, tagging and more.