30 Holiday Gifts For Journalists

Holidays are just around the corner and we know most of you who read this blog have a journalist or two in your life that you’ll be shopping for. Here are the recommendations from our entire 10,000 Words crew for journalistic, geeky, fun gifts. We also have holiday gift guides from 2008 and 2009 that are still relevant. Anything we missed? Add your favorites and must-haves in the comments.

1. 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner iPhone App | App Store | $1.99

Can’t be near your actual police scanner? Try this app instead!


2. ‘The Secret Man’ | Amazon | $2.81

Perhaps the most serious item on our list is this book that every journalist should read — a first-hand account of Watergate, written by Bob Woodward with an assessment by Carl Bernstein. And if they won’t read it, at least it can make for credible desk decor.


3. Citation Needed Stickers | XKCD | $5

citation needed stickers

Few things are more frustrating to a journalist than reading poorly sourced or plain ol’ incorrect articles. These [citation needed] stickers mimic the look of the Wikipedia-style citation needed flag, but they can be used to flag questionable information in the real world.


4. Comma Kit | Gracie Sparkles | $6

Comma Kit

Along the same lines as the citation needed stickers, these comma stickers — which can double as quotation marks or apostrophes — give copy editors and grammar nerds everywhere the means to correct improper punctuation off the screen.


5. Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty | ThinkGeek | $7.56

Clean your keyboard, your mobile phone, and any other electronic device with this innovative reusable cleaning compound. Just press the biodegradable putty into the cracks of your device then peel it off slowly to capture the dirt and grime.


6. “Not Tonight Dear …” Mug | Newseum Gift Shop | $9.99

Because what journalist doesn’t like coffee and deadlines?


7. 1,001 Facts That Will Scare the S#*t Out of You | Amazon | $10.36

Facts to scare and entertain you, minus the punditry. Maybe you can snab some stories ideas out of it while you do your business.


8. The Onion News Blackout 2012 Desk Calendar | Calenders.com | $12.99

For your daily dose of misinformation, the Onion’s desk calendar features America’s most important redacted news and sits perfectly on your desk.


9. AP Stylebook T-shirt | AP Stylebook | $18

For the fashionista in your newsroom. Or maybe the copy editor.


10. An I Heart NPR T-shirt | NPR Store | $20

For all of you public radio geeks out there who love showing off your newsie pride, these I Heart NPR t-shirts come in both men’s and women’s sizes. While you’re at it, check out the many other gifts in the NPR store.


11. MileHigh Charge | MileHigh | $22.50

Need a quick recharge on the go for your mobile phone? Try the MileHigh Charge: one AA battery provides you with 30 minutes of emergency talk time when you need it most.


12. Agloves Sport | Agloves | $23.99

Need a pair of gloves that will also let you use your touchscreen devices with ease? Check out Agloves –they’re warm, fuzzy, and stretchy with conductive silver weaved throughout the entire glove. We prefer the Agloves Sport version because of the snug fit around the wrist. They’re also thin enough to be used as a glove liner.


13. Newsradio: The Complete Series on DVD | Amazon | $25.99

Relive the hilarious hijinks of the WNYX team with a boxset of all five seasons of Newsradio, the classic ’90s sitcom.


14. Steve Jobs “Stay Hungry” T-shirt | HOMAGE | $28

Pay tribute to the man who gave us the iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro and more with this T-shirt, commemorating one of his more famous quotes . It’s available on Fab.com for a reduced price of $18, so if you’re a member, I would recommend trying there first.


15. Coffee Cup Power Inverter | ThinkGeek | $29.99

This handy gadget converts your car’s DC power into two 120-volt AC outlets and a USB port. It powers three devices at once and fits into any car’s standard cup holder.


16. favstar.fm Bonus Features | favstar.fm | $30 for six months

Ever wonder if your Twitter followers are finding value in what you post? Favstar.fm recently launched a paid Bonus Features portion of the site, which offers users notifications when a tweet is favorited by someone, and a few other neat features not included in the free version.


17. PageLever membership | PageLever | $34/month – $250+/month

Give the gift of insight and data this holiday season with a monthly membership to one one of the best paid-for Facebook Fan Page analytics tools. Cost ranges from $34 per month to more than $250, but you get a lot with it. For $34, you can track five different Fan Pages. It offers 18 different data points to measure, and users can create custom reports of the activity on multiple Fan Pages.


18. Case Logic 16″ Laptop Messenger Bag | Case Logic | $34.99

Sleek, functional and big enough to hold your laptop/notepad/etc.


19. iPhone telephoto zoom lens | Photojojo.com | $35

When the tap-to-zoom feature just isn’t enough. Look like a bad ass (and a creeper). For iPhone 4/4s only.


20. Newspaper Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set | Etsy | $35.00

For your favorite food writer–or your favorite food loving writer.


21. Newshound Charm Bracelet | Etsy | $35.95

For the journalist who wears her heart on her sleeve: wear your professional passion, too.


22. GorillaMobile for iPhone 4 | Joby | $39.95

Want to get in some gonzo action with your iPhone minus the shaky video hands? GorillaMobile for the iPhone 4 lets you steady that HD video recorder for an even more polished look.


23. Eye-Fi SD card | Eye-Fi | $49.99-$99.99

Forget lugging a laptop and card reader to a crime scene, court house or wherever news takes you. Pop this card into your camera’s SD card slot, and it uses wi-fi signals to upload photos automatically to common photo-sharing services, such as Flickr or Facebook, or send them to your smart phone or computer for distribution.


24. Personalized Stuffed Animal | I Am A Stuffed Animal | $69

Surprise the journalist in your life with a stuffed animal made in their image! Now if only you could teach it how to write articles….


25. Jawbone UP | Jawbone | $99.99

This hot new device will tell you exactly how much (or, more likely, little) sleep you get as a journalist!


26. Mobislyder | Glidetrack | $127.38

Made specifically for the iPhone and other smaller cameras, Mobislyder brings filming with your smartphone to a whole new level.


27. Sanctuary Charging Station | Red Envelope | $129.95

Keep all your analog and digital knick-knacks in one convenient place with this stylish gift. It includes a universal charger and has 12 built-in connectors for all your electronics.


28. Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen | Amazon | $134.24











Record live audio and connect it with your handwritten notes; just tap on a section of your notes and the audio recording synced with that section will automatically play. Perfect for interviewers.


29. Kindle Fire | Amazon | $199

If the iPad is too much, but a standard Kindle doesn’t have enough horsepower, consider the brand new e-reader from Amazon, the Kindle Fire. Priced at an affordable $199, the tablet gives you access to movies, songs, books, magazines and apps — plus free cloud storage for all your Amazon content.


30. Little Printer | Berg Cloud | Price TBA

While this cute little guy isn’t available until 2012, it might be worth the wait for the journalist in your life. The manufacturer describes Little Printer “like having your own printing press, newspaper and a dog to fetch it for you, all in your front room.” Using an app on your smart phone, you can set up subscriptions and Little Printer will put them altogether and print them in a mini-newspaper.