3 Tips for Writing a Killer Twitter Bio To Get Targeted Followers

Some people seem to think that the more followers they have on Twitter, the more successful they are online. However, the number of followers you have doesn’t usually matter as much as the quality of followers you have, especially if you use Twitter for business.

Here are three tips you can use to revamp your Twitter bio – that tiny 160-character blurb that can be the difference between followers who ignore you and those who click every link you send their way.

Before we get into the tips, you’ve got understand why a bio matters. Potential followers want to know about you and your business, of course, but there are very specific reasons why people follow one another on Twitter.

They want to learn something new. Or…

They want to share their interests with you, and vice versa.

So, you want to get targeted followers because it is this group of people who will share your content. If they learn something new from you, they’ll share with their own followers; if you Tweet something that is in-line with their interests, they’ll re-tweet.

Targeted followers are those people who will engage with your brand the most, and who, if they are engaged fully, can potentially become brand ambassadors on Twitter.

Now that you know why you want targeted followers, here are our best three tips for writing a bio that will get you there.

Write about your interests – especially on Twitter. Why are you on Twitter in the first place? Try to answer this question in your bio. You don’t have to do it directly, but if your bio says you are a social media expert and all you do is share cat photos and videos on Twitter, your followers will probably start to fall off.
Get your priorities straight. You are a complex person and your business is too. It might take some serious thinking, but you need to prioritize just what it is you want to get across to your followers that defines you. Being a happy husband, a proud daddy and a golf addict might be large parts of who you are, but if you are using Twitter to promote your online graphics designing business, these might not have a place in such a short bio.
Keep keywords in mind. Twitter is a search tool, too, so you’d do yourself a favor if you included keywords in your bio. Think about things that people would search for to find you, and try to include those keywords in your Twitter bio. Your followers will be more likely to stick if they were searching and found you based on relevant keywords.

Twitter Bio Don’ts

Along with the three tips above, you should be careful to avoid some of these common pitfalls of Twitter bio creation:

  • Don’t waste space on a quote or something that has nothing to do with you or your business. You might live and die by someone else’s words, but your followers want to know about you, not the people you admire.
  • Don’t use a bio you’ve written elsewhere without editing it. 160-characters is pretty short, and you don’t want any text cut off. That’s a big turn-off for followers.
  • Don’t leave this space empty! After reading these tips, you’ve got lots of theory under your belt. Go put it into practice and start getting more targeted followers!

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