3 Paid Social Media Monitoring Tools

There are plenty of free – or mostly free – social media monitoring tools available to track engagement, listen to consumers, and monitor reach. There are also tools available for a fee. Here are 3 great paid social media monitoring tools, along with information about how and why some companies are using them.

1. SproutSocial

“We were looking for one tool that would help us schedule content, share content across multiple platforms and provide analytics. What we received with SproutSocial was much more,” explains Lee Drugan, Audience Development Coordinator, Bookmasters. “We are not only utilizing their scheduling and sharing capabilities, but we also track our brand name and search keywords for relevant information to share. Using Sprout Social’s analytics, we have the ability to export data and graphs to share with our management team on a monthly basis.”

“For monitoring Facebook and Twitter together, I have enjoyed using SproutSocial because I wanted to better understand the analytic side of our Facebook pages as well as compare across channels,” says Mandy Stahl, ASAE’s Manager, Social Communications and Strategy. “I also enjoy the visual and branded reports because they are very user friendly and easy to create and read. I use the software to schedule posts because the feature is very reliable. In times of crisis, their help desk is very responsive and quick to resolve any issues. I would recommend this tool to anyone that is hoping to start looking more at crafting messages around analytics. It’s a paid tool, but it’s very reasonably priced.”

2. Sysomos

“There are a ton of terrific tools out there but, more often than not, I use Sysomos Map to identify social influencers by a variety of qualifiers,” says AJ Feuerman, Manager, Digital PR, AEG Live. “It subsequently offers me ways to measure and analyze conversations that date back up to two years – it’s a huge asset once you get the hang of it.”

“I’ve used many monitoring platforms and Sysomos has the most powerful features,” adds Digital and Social Media Marketing Consultant Jena Kovacevic. “I use it to monitor and get robust analytics for blogs, message boards, social networks, microblogs, and more. It’s fast and accurate – you can do queries in real time, and export the results to create customized reports, which I find very useful when a client asks for an urgent, ad hoc social media report card. There’s no limit on number of search queries you can make. Additionally, Sysomos provides valuable geo-demographic data, identifies key influencers, and determines social sentiment. It also offers strong data visualisations and word clouds. Very useful when it comes to creating last minute client reports that’ll both be accurate and visually compelling.”

3. Radian6

“We use Radian6 as our social media monitoring tool to gauge and measure social conversation about our brand and products,” says Shreyans Parekh, Co-Founder of Koyal Wholesale. “Koyal introduces new products to our site and online catalog on a monthly basis, and it is critical that we monitor our fan engagement and response to these new products, designs, and colors. As a result of our attentiveness to our fan and customer base by using Radian6, Koyal has grown to a base of nearly 25,000 fans on Facebook, 23,000 followers on Pinterest, 6 million views on YouTube, and 10,000 followers on Instagram. We continue to adjust both our product design and pricing strategy based on our customer feedback.”

“Radian6 provides us the ability to obtain an unbiased perspective on how consumers view brands,” adds David Neuman, Social Media Manager for Prime Visibility. “People turn to social media to voice their opinions about a company, but they don’t necessarily always reach out to that brand’s Twitter or Facebook account directly. By capturing these conversations, we’re not only able to obtain this information, but effectively formulate a one-on-one dialogue with that person and either resolve an issue or reward that consumer for their advocacy.”

Which is your favorite social media monitoring tool? Whether you use one tool or several, it best to explore all of the options in order to find which one works best for you.