3 Free Twitter Tools for Killer Real-Time Marketing

Twitter is a unique and potentially valuable marketing channel for many reasons, not the least of which is its real-time nature. A Twitter timeline is never curated or sorted – users see every single tweet sent by the people and businesses they follow, as they are tweeted.

Here are three tools, all of which are free or offer free trials, that can help you take advantage of real-time marketing on Twitter.

Tool #1: Keyhole


Keyhole tracks any hashtag, in real time. It provides insights into the number of people, tweets and the reach of any hashtag in the Twitter-verse, for any time period you choose.

Some of the stats that are pulled include a timeline of how popular the hashtag has been over your selected period, the top tweets containing that hashtag, the top websites included in the hashtagged tweets, the most influential users tweeting about that hashtag, location and demographic data, related hashtags and topics, and the top sources of the hashtag.

This is an extremely useful tool for marketers looking to stay on top of trends in their industry. It can also point to influencers who commonly tweet about a particular topic, and help spark content creation by identifying related topics.

Tool #2: LiveTweetApp


If you’re a regular conference-goer, you’ve no doubt seen a Twitter wall. This is a large display – usually a projector or large screen – that shows the latest conversation from fellow attendees, typically surrounding the conference’s hashtag.

LiveTweetApp can search for and display tweets pertaining to hashtags, users, mentions, words and phrases. It also allows for moderation, so that the conference host can choose whether to display or hide specific tweets.

What is really cool about LiveTweetApp is that it can display tweets in a variety of formats, from scrolling through a slideshow to displaying up to 30 tweets side by side.

This tool is great for marketers who are responsible for hosting live events. By displaying tweets to attendees in real-time, an event organizer can encourage online conversations and engagement during the event.

Tool #3: BeatStrap


Twitter is well-known for being a source of breaking news and live events – a trend that marketers can capitalize on by using BeatStrap.

BeatStrap enables teams to collaboratively cover any live event. It creates a branded page where each “beat”, or live event, lives. A brand can choose which collaborators are allowed to contribute to a beat, and allows for content via Vine, Instagram and YouTube to be tweeted alongside the real-time coverage.

Beats can be displayed on a website, which makes this a powerful marketing tool for brands looking to advertise their live events.

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