3 Easy ways to make thumbnails

Thumbnails, those tiny images that usually link to a smaller images are the workhorse of any news website. In addition to making a page more visually interesting, thumbnails encourage the reader to click through to inside pages. Usually these thumbnails are created in Photoshop (which plans to launch an online version soon) or some other imaging program, but there are free, online applications that will resize your images quickly (and did I mention for free?)


Quick Thumbnail resizes images from your hard drive or from the internet to any size or scale you choose. It even adds filters like grayscale, sepia, or embossing upon request. PicResize also offers quick scaling and filters, but also has options to rotate the image or resize multiple images. It even has a nifty ruler to see how large the original image is. PicResize is a little more user-friendly and the quality of the end result is much better than its counterpart.

To create a screenshot of an entire page like this thumbnail of 10,000 words, use thumbalizr, a quick tool for which you only have to enter the web address. The site will produce a thumbnail which you can download at various sizes.