2UP on iOS is Periscope for Live Video Debates

The app allows users to share their opinions about topics in real-time, with the audience deciding the "winner" of each debate.

2UP announced the launch of its live video debate application, which allows users to share their opinions about topics in real-time, with the audience deciding the “winner” of each debate.

With 2UP, users can create their own positions on a topic and wait for an opponent to challenge them to a debate, or browse existing positions to find a debate to join. Users can also invite another user to a debate directly. These debates can be about sports, politics and more.


Once a challenge is accepted, both users connect in a live video “battle,” where they debate in front of other users.

While watching a debate, viewers can vote for the participant they most agree with. Users can also post comments on live debates and follow other users in the app. In addition, debate participants have the option to record their battles, but debates are only recorded if both participants allow it.

Matt Lally, founder of 2UP, told SocialTimes:

For a very long time, I’ve felt that people don’t want to hear the other side of an argument, and felt that there was a need for that. I was working on an app based on really logical discussion of all kinds of issues. I built a huge chunk of it, and got to the point where I was almost ready to launch it, but it just felt way too boring.

I thought to myself, “What if discussing a topic was as fun as an app like QuizUp?” That was the genesis of the concept for 2UP. We decided to make fun and serious debate into a fun game where your audience decides who is the winner. That’s what my team and I have built, and we’re very proud of it.

2UP is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.