2K is hiring for a new social sports game

Triple-A publisher 2K Games is working on an as-yet unannounced sports based social game.

According to a job posting for its sports-oriented Visual Concepts studio, the company is seeking to hire an associate producer to “oversee the development, release and operation of an exciting new sports-based social game.”

The position, as posted on Creativeheads.net, calls for a minimum of two years of experience working in social and free-to-play gaming and an understanding of user attraction, retention, monetization and microtransactions.

The position does not elaborate which sport the game will focus on, or if it will build off an existing 2K Sports franchise.

While 2K is often in direct competition with rival EA for dominance of the sports game genre, so far EA has taken the lead in the social space. EA is currently one of the most successful social sports game publishers on Facebook, with its games FIFA Superstars, Madden NFL Superstars and NHL Superstars boasting a combined 2.2 million MAU. Other competitors in the genre include Nordeus, with its game Top Eleven (3.5 million MAU) and Vostu’s GolMania (600,000 MAU).

Although 2K has been highly successful in the sports genre it may be at a disadvantage on Facebook, as unlike EA it does not have an existing soccer franchise. According to our traffic tracking service AppData, six out of the 10 most popular sports game on Facebook are soccer themed.

2K’s first social game was CivWorld, a social version of its studio Firaxis Games’ classic franchise Civilization. CivWorld has failed to find traction on Facebook. The game peaked at 567,790 MAU in August, shortly after its official release, but users dropped off quickly. The game currently has 30,000 MAU.