2K Drive brings racing gameplay and automotive culture to iOS this fall

2k-drive-650Image via 2K

2K and Lucid Games have today announced 2K Drive, an upcoming iOS app that combines racing simulation gameplay with racing culture and news. The app contains licensed and original vehicles, and takes players to idyllic settings around the world as a competitive driver.

2K Drive will feature multiple gameplay modes as both a single-player and multiplayer experience, including track and drag races, street racing, off-road racing and more than 20 additional mini-games (one sees players using their vehicles to “kick” soccer balls into goals). 2K promise a “dynamic gameplay experience for car enthusiasts of all levels.”

The game will offer a RaceFace system that will allow players to use their own photos to represent their character in the game, as well as view their own friends’ photos when racing against their cars in asynchronous multiplayer modes.

So far, 2K Drive is set to include more than 25 licensed cars from the likes of Dodge, Mazda and McClaren, and will combine all of its gameplay with a cover page of sorts, aggregating automotive news from a variety of popular outlets, including Car & Driver, Road & Track, AutoBlog and many others. These articles, videos, photo galleries and more can be “liked” and “shared” from within the app.

The release date and price of 2K Drive haven’t been revealed, but the game will be available for viewing at 2K’s PAX Prime booth in Seattle at the end of August.