21 Questions Is This Week's Fastest Growing Application

Question-and-answer applications are red hot this week.

Applications that ask users to answer and share tough information about their friends on the social network explodes in popularity. But those page creation tools continue to put up some stiff competition. And if you like what you see in this latest ranking, you’ll love the in-depth statistic tool we use to compile these rankings.

The Week’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1.21 Questions1,057,99513,269,2991,660,064
2. Static HTML: iframe tabs989,58337,323,8061,640,660
3. Gardens of Time2,627,35111,784,0571,580,229
4. BandPage by RootMusic1,462,16125,765,0001,189,832
5. HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa407,0097,543,1361,032,248
6. Skype2,714,7186,152,546949,375
7. Bing4,440,78429,277,502838,502
8. VEVO for Artists264,9324,545,568787,108
9. Daily Horoscope593,5988,991,101751,807
10.Truth Game417,8225,048,604716,814
11. Between You and Me332,5804,207,246635,712
12. Welcome Tab For Pages247,3694,492,961616,427
13. Chase Community Giving174,9741,095,664611,401
14. Zuma Blitz1,033,8234,926,642556,311
15. Badoo1,990,78528,947,440524,146
16. CityVille19,423,38690,386,733518,805
17. Genç Video97,589938,243517,552
18. Truths About You293,7423,688,742490,931
19. Diamond Dash1,485,5138,717,527468,181
20. Yahoo!7,929,33414,950,359459,067

Question Applications

Just when you thought it was over, applications that aim to have you share little known truths about your friends return as the hot trend on this week’s list; 21 Questions moved up five spots to the number one spot, with 1,660,064 adds this week.

Three newcomers are also sitting pretty. Truth Game cuts the countdown in two; the quiz app saw a 716,814 increase. A third alternative, Between You and Me, can be found just a place behind as it welcomed 635,712 curious minds. Truths About You finishes in 18th with a weekly growth total of 490,931.

Page Creation Tools

Pushed down a notch out for the first time in weeks, Static HTML: iframe tabs pages built and view totals are tallied at 1,640,660, putting the application in second place Iwipa comes in fifth, as the page building tool had an increase of 1,032,248 over the last seven days.

Welcome Tab For Pages holds steady in the 12th position for another week in a row. with the help of 693,133 social networkers adding the tools.


Playdom’s Gardens of Time made a tremendous debut this week, ahead of all other games; the application had 1,580,229 new players hooked. And PopCap’s hit game Zuma Blitz returned to claim the 14th position, with a 556,311 user increase.

CityVille, developed by Zynga, takes a fall; the gaming app stays on the fastest growing list though coming in 16th with 518,805 new gamers. Also slipping a few more spots, the Wooga developed Diamond Dash lands in the 18th spot this week with a 468,181 increase.


BandPage by RootMusic continues to be the go-to application to help ease and improve the social networking presence of musicians; the tool moves up to fourth this week with a 1,189,832 weekly growth. Well known video application VEVO for Artists – which shares a similar goal – climbs our list at a rapid rate, nabbing the eighth spot, with a 787,108 increase.

Facebook Connect

Skype has a massive week as it returns to the fastest growing applications list in the sixth spot; 949,375 users will now be have the ability to see what their friends are up to on the social network from the video and phone application.

Bing is now advertising Facebook integration, and as a result the Microsoft search engine had 838,502 social networkers connecting their accounts to help keep the application in the seventh spot once again. And Yahoo climbs back on to the top 20, as 459,067 new users have synched their accounts since last Friday.

Fun Applications

Daily Horoscope, developed by Soft Reklam, slips to ninth place this week with 751,807 adds. Chase Community Giving makes this list for the first time this week with the addition of 611,401 participants putting the charity application in 13th place.

After an extended absence, Badoo returns in the 15th position. The app saw 524,146 new minglers in the past seven days. And the Turkish video application Genç Vid had new 517,552 viewers tuning in placing it in the 17th spot.

Readers, did you find yourself starting to use any of the applications that made the list this week?