21 iPhone-friendly news sites and how to format your own

Many mainstream news organizations are jumping on the mobile bandwagon and creating versions of their sites that are streamlined for iPhone users. Since many news sites are a cacophony of links, the more simplistic design helps mobile users get the news they want, fast.

FOX News

Al Jazeera

LA Times


CBS News

AP News

NY Times

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune





The Australian


USA Today





Toronto Star

…and how to create your own iPhone-formatted site

Of course you could hire a programmer or three to create your own custom mobile-friendly site, but in these tough economic times, many newsrooms lack the time or resources. There are several sites that will quickly convert your existing RSS feed into a full-fledged mobile-friendly site, two of which are Intersquash and Mippin. Both sites require a simple setup process and once you have finished, simply place a bit of code in your existing index file and iPhone/mobile users will be automatically redirected.

No matter how you create your iPhone-friendly site, a note of caution: because of the iPhone’s ability to show the normal-sized internet in all its glory, many users prefer not to use a mobile version, so it is key to add a link back to the regular version of your site.

If you need more inspiration from outside the journalism sphere, check out CSSiphone.com or inspiredology’s 27 Optimized iPhone Websites

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