And the Oscar Reporting Nominations Go to…

Beyond the general consensus that Julianne Moore was robbed this morning by being passed over in the Best Actress Academy Awards category in favor of Nicole Kidman, we thought we’d peruse the first wave of 2010 Oscar nominations reporting to determine who deserves journalistic kudos. Without further musical-number delay, the five FishbowlLA nominees are:

Best Foreign Language Feature Tidbit / Richard Brody, The New Yorker:

Last night I spoke with a friend who’s an astute longtime Oscar-parser, and he said something fascinatingly cynical about the category of Best Foreign Film: if a movie had a New York release, it’s much less likely to win, because the Academy’s mainly Los Angeles-centered voters want to make their pick without the help of New York critics. He reminded me that the last four winners (The Secret in Their Eyes, Departures, The Counterfeiters, and even The Lives of Others) came out first in Los Angeles for a qualifying run and opened in New York only after the announcement of their nominations. This means that, this year, advantage is to In a Better World and Incendies.

Best Meaningless, Out-of-Left Field Headline / Rick Marshall,

Iron Man 2 Nabs Only Oscar Nomination of 2010 Comic Book Movies – Should There Have Been More?

Best Kick-Christopher-Nolan-While-He’s-Down Paragraph / Ross Douthat, New York Times:

The Academy also deserves kudos for declining to issue a Best Director nomination to Christopher Nolan, whose Inception was dizzying, dazzling, immersive, entertaining — but ultimately shallow, in a fashion made less forgivable by the self-seriousness that Nolan’s blockbusters always wear on their sleeves, and haven’t yet quite earned… The Best Director category has been reserved for filmmakers with fewer fanboys, but better films.

Best The King’s Speech Nominees Reaction Round-Up / Hollywood Reporter Staff:

Colin Firth: “Not used to this much joy, or this much champagne at this hour.”

Helena Bonham Carter: “As my thee-year-old daughter said ‘Yay!’ I couldn’t put it any better myself.”

Best James Franco Oscar Host Hyping / Caryn James, indieWIRE:

Like other nominees, Franco was interviewed on morning television, appearing on NBC’s Today Show minutes after he was announced as a Best Actor nominee for 127 Hours.

He was in a conspicuously Yale-looking room with dark wood walls and books behind him, and he started by saying, “I’m here in New Haven about to go to class.” Then he laughed and said the kind of thing I’ve always wanted a nominee standing by in full makeup to say: “It looks like I’m just rushing to class, but we had this whole setup here. I got my normal pre-class makeup on, some lights appeared here…” If only he could bring the same fresh breath of honesty, and break through the silly pretence on Oscar night – he could be the less lethal Ricky Gervais.