2009 AP Stylebook? There’s an App for That

APStylebookApp.jpgThe 2009 AP Stylebook? There’s an app for that.

The Associated Press debuted a 2009 AP Stylebook mobile application that is now available for purchase via the Apple App Store for the iPhone and IPod Touch.

AP said the 2009 AP Stylebook app features searchable listings for the main, sports, business and punctuation sections, as well as the ability to add custom entries and personalized notes on AP listings and to mark any entry as a favorite for easy access.

AP added that 2009 AP Stylebook app users will automatically receive an upgrade to the 2010 AP Stylebook app as soon as it becomes available.

AP Stylebook product group manager Colleen Newvine said:

AP Stylebook fans have been asking for a mobile application so they can have style guidance wherever they go. Journalists never know when they will need to run out the door to chase a story, so as long as they have an iPhone in their pockets when they go, the Stylebook can go with them.

And AP general manager of mobile and emerging products Jeff Litvack added:

As we continue to develop new AP Mobile products, we are focused squarely on delivering information on demand that’s highly relevant to our users, be it breaking local news stories or guidance for anyone who cares about good writing. We’re delighted to offer iPhone and iPod touch users a great way refer to the AP Stylebook anytime and from any location.