20 Twitter Users Every Foodie Should Follow

Food and the media have long gone together — just think cooking shows, Martha Stewart, and the zillion food and wine magazines out there. But food and social media is an even tastier combination. These days, whether you’re interested in food trends, inspiring recipes, or personality chefs, tweets are a hot spot for information, especially when you check out these 20 Twitter users.

1. Shuna Fish Lydon. @shunafish is the account for this professional pastry chef at NYC restaurant Peels. Her tweets, like “when Hip Hop meets pie baking. as told to me, ‘keep rocking those pies in the five boroughs, my sister.’ –The Gata” do a good job of showcasing her food-love and personality.

2. Food52. @Food52, run by two foodies with the biggest respect for home cooking, provides a steady stream of tweets for delicious recipes (think “Caramelized Butternut Squash Wedges with a Sage Hazelnut Pesto”). Their web site also includes a blog, contests, videos, a shop, and more.

3. Omnivore Books. Check out @omnivorebooks, the account for the only culinary bookstore in the San Francisco area. Their tweets will update you on the latest food literature, with lots of retweets about food culture in San Francisco thrown in for fun.

4. USDA Food Safety. This account is less fun than the others, but @USDAFoodSafety does regularly update followers with food recalls and safety tips. The worst end to a delicious meal is food poisoning, and their tweets are also useful for tracking what kind of public health initiatives the government is interested in.

5. NYTimes Dining. Following @nytimesdining has extra bonuses if your a New Yorker, but most of their recipes and links to food blogs apply to foodies across the world. And, many of their articles go beyond the boring recipe list or restaurant review, like “The Tipsy Diaries: Spiking Coffee, Opening Eyes.”

6. Bon Appetit Magazine. The well-known magazine, which now tweets several times a day from @bonappetitmag, still does a good job of spreading the gospel of indulgence, like this recent post about “Our 14 ooey-gooey updates on the classic grilled cheese.”

7. Tyler Florence. Follow @TylerFlorence simply because he gets the food lifestyle — he describes himself on Twitter as a “Chef, Restaurateur, Wine Maker, Cookbook Writer, Shop Keep, Product Designer, Dad” — and so you really get the full experience with this one.

8. Mitch Frank. As the editor at Wine Spectator and author of politics and children’s literature, Mitch Frank is an expert at communicating. Follow him at @FrankWine and you’ll get tweets that are a shade deeper than you might find elsewhere, like his recent mention of how court decisions on land laws are affection Oregon grapegrowers.

9. Vegetarian Times. Sometimes you just have to keep up with trends, and with the huge explosion in ethics and taste buds associated with vegetarianism and veganism right now, @VegTimes will help keep you afloat.

10. Whole Foods. A mecca for yuppies and ingredient snobs alike, @WholeFoods is actually a great resource for recipe ideas, special deals, and information on quality control. Particularly for holiday specials, a tweet or two from this popular organic grocery chain are worth the two seconds it takes to read them.

11. Dean and DeLuca. Following this gourmet deli and store at @DeanandDeluca is worth it just to hear what the soup special is in your neck of the woods. For example, “Today’s #SoHo soups: Pumpkin Soup w/ Chipotle Cream, Butternut Squash w/ Apples, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Vegan Minestrone, Vegan Split Pea.” Yum.

12. Paula Deen. The queen of comfort food and southern accents, @Paula_Deen will give you tweets that are just as colorful as the soundbytes from her cooking show. Her tweets about food, friends, and family are down to earth and will remind you why you love eating so much.

13. Georgetown Cupcake. If you’re at all interested in turning your food love into a moneymaking brand, keep up with this predecessor: Georgetown Cupcake has launched two storefronts in the D.C. area that routinely attract hour-plus lines for their treats and has aired a television show, DC Cupcakes, on TLC. Follow @GTownCupcake not just to hear their tantalizing flavor of the day, but to see what kind of business model has worked so well for these confectionary sisters.

14. Sarah J. Gim. Follow @thedelicious to get her “tastespotting” tweets. Based in Los Angeles, her tweets (like the one about the best brunch spot in L.A.) will make you feel like food spots are the only spots worth hitting up.

15. Mpls Farmers Market. @MplsFarmMarket represents the biggest open-air farmer’s market in the American midwest, and if you have any passion for ingredients, their tweets will awaken your senses. Add them to your tweet stream to receive messages about their fresh produce (“11/14 haul:beets,spuds,cauliflower,broccoli,squash,onions,carrots,kale,lettuce,apples,kohlrabi,swedes, JerusalemArtichokes,parsnips”) and how to use those items in recipes.

16. FoodNetwork. Many a person’s love for food begins with cozying up on the couch with the Food Network. Follow @FoodNetwork for information on the chefs, the shows, the competitions, and…the food.

17. La Cuisine d’Helene. @LaCuisineHelene, the Twitter for a food blogger with a range of other hobbies, will point you in the right direction — whether that be a recipe for Roasted Pear Salad with Chèvre and Fig Vinaigrette or rumination on whether a banana crumble could be good.

18. Todd Porter-Diane Cu. Their Twitter account, @WhiteonRice, puts the adventure back in food. As “Photographers, Filmakers & Storytellers,” they remind followers of the myriad ways food is important. Example: “Healing sage from our garden http://tinyurl.com/295lqyd can’t get enough of this stuff.”

19. Jen Yu. Tweeting through @userealbutter, Jen Yu’s zest for life and food shines through in relaxed tweets about the foodie’s lifestyle, whether she is discovering Pimm’s or joyously declaring, “i am home and the canyon is gorgeously white thanks 2freezing fog last night! nice.”

20. Shauna James Ahern. @glutenfreegirl is a safe and fun place for anyone who has encountered the hurdles of food allegies. Her account has drawn almost 34,000 followers, and for good reason: frequent messages about life in general and gluten free challenges and victories.