2 Hammers Studio brings driving puzzle game Hot Rods Mafia to iOS


Mobile developer 2 Hammers Studio has released Hot Rods Mafia on iOS, challenging players to guide their hot rods around suburban neighborhoods collecting dirty money, only to bring it back to the boss for safe keeping. In each stage, players will manipulate the layout of intersections to turn the hot rod, which moves forever forward automatically.

In each level, players are challenged with collecting coins, and can also go after stars that randomly appear somewhere in the neighborhood. Players tap on an intersection to change its layout, with multiple options available for each, depending on the direction they’d like their car to turn once reaching that point.

Each stage in Hot Rods Mafia is timed, challenging players to create the shortest path possible to collect money and make it back to the boss’s house. Obstacles like barricades may block certain roads, and players can purchase power-ups to help them out along the way. Bonus clocks, for instance, will stop the level timer for a few seconds, while another power-up will instantly revert all intersections to their default “+” shape.

After each stage, players can use the money they’ve earned to upgrade their vehicles or purchase new cars. Upgrades may allow cars to pass through barricades or allow them to simply move faster around a level, as examples.


“We wanted to create something that was just as exciting as a racing game, but added a puzzle aspect to exercise the player’s brain simultaneously; I think we’ve come up with something truly original,” said Javier Carías, founder of 2 Hammers Studio.

Hot Rods Mafia is ad-supported, and offers in-app purchases including additional level packs and coins. The game is now available to download for free on iOS, with all levels being available to unlock for $3.99. This purchase also offers a new Hot Rod as a drivable vehicle.

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