15 Brands That (Also) Won the World Series

Some things are relatively predictable: The Giants won another very close World Series, the city of San Francisco flipped out (the Queen singalong above was one of the milder scenes), and a bunch of brands took to social media to congratulate the team.

Let’s review some of the winners.

1. Chevrolet

Yes, we already covered this one. But Chevy clearly won the World Series of brand responses even though they didn’t mention either team.

2. Pringles

An older entry that wasn’t quite “real-time,” but it was still topical.


The channel did what it does best: trivia!

4. The Boston Red Sox

Nice to see a rival team’s “brand” reinforcing its “authenticity” by being gracious, no?

5. Marketo

Friends of the site, good with a pun…

6. Self Magazine

Didn’t peg you guys as baseball fans, but you learn something new every day.

7. Lids

Product placement!!

8. Nike Baseball


9. Milk Bone

There’s no crying in baseball…but there may be dogs.

10. Jockey

All in good pun.

11. Verizon

This brand just stretched further than Baumgarner during his warm-up.

12. Big League Chew

As former Little Leaguers, we can’t pass this one up because nostalgia.

13. Rawlings

Another one we remember, plus the hash tag and the tie-in.

14. Checkers Foods

Aww, Checkers. We’re fairly sure the Lorde ban has been lifted, so play away.

15. *NSYNC

Uh…wait, what? Who are their “trusted peeps?” And what the hell happened to JC Chasez?

BONUS: Greg Burke

Not a brand, but we did find this tweet from The Pope’s “PR Guru” amusing.

Now who did we miss?