14,000 Tweets Sent During First Twitter Presidential Debate [STATS]

US Republicans met on Twitter yesterday to participate in a Presidential debate. During the 1.5 hours they spent discussing issues like the economy and jobs, the public sent 14,000 tweets to the candidates, and 22,400 unique visitors went to the 140TownHall.com website to watch the debate unfold in real-time.

During the debate, 4,495 @mentions were sent by members of the public, with Michele Bachmann getting the most at 1,238. Herman Cain got the lion’s share of the retweets, taking 1,211 of the total 4,946. And all of the candidates got a good chunk of new followers just for participating, ranging from 227 for Gary Johnson to for 634 Michele Bachmann.

Herman Cain was the lucky candidate who received the most retweets. Four of the five most-retweeted comments were from Cain, receiving a total of 318 retweets. The other notable tweet in the top five was from Michele Bachmann, which received 71 retweets.

The debate saw some pretty active participation from non-candidates, too. SP Gordon (@ConTeach) and Jim Williams (@JamesHWilliams) each sent 65 and 64 tweets respectively during the debate to the organizer’s @140TownHall handle.

Some of the most-used tags during the debate included 140townhall with 173, tcot with 151 and teaparty with 110.

If you’re interested in reading some of the tweets from the candidates or the most popular public tweets regarding the debate, you can find them on the 140townhall.com website.