13 Must-Have Tumblr Apps

tumblr_appsTumblr is a blogging platform that allows you to easily share anything from music, videos, photos, text, links or thoughts from a web browser, email or phone and it’s all customizable. To spice up your tumblr experience and to equip yourself to tumble on the go, check out these 13 Tumblr Tools:

Mobile Tumblr Apps

Tumble is the iPhone tumblr app that has all the functionality of the web application minus video posting. The iPhone app boasts no zooming and clicking since they’ve streamlined the browser for the iPhone.

Tumble Phone lets you enter a tumblr username to view it as optimized for the iPhone. This will allow you to browse other tumblr blogs without the slow load time of the traditional web based url.

BlackBerry tumblr completes the list of mobile apps (and no list would be complete without mentioning the crackberry). Like the iPhone app, this is a clean, blackberry-ready version of the site with the same capabilities of the web version. Use this to tumble from anywhere!

Atumble is the Google Android phone application that lets you post to your tumblr account without logging in to tumblr from the web browser. Like Tumble, it is equipped to post text, photos, quotes, links and conversations but not video. But we can dream, right?

Tubmla works on any cell phone that allows java script, so if your phone is a brick or made to fold in half and features pixelated font, you may still have a chance to tumble around town!

Jott is traditionally used for transcribing voice to text for voicemail or self reminders, but you can also use Jott with tumblr by simply calling Jott from your phone and the transcript of your note, quote or witty insight will magically appear on your tumblr blog.

Tumblr Web Apps

Tumblelog is a Facebook application that puts your tumblr blog in a tab on your personal Facebook profile. Tumblelog also automatically broadcasts your blog posts in your News Feed so friends can see it without even going to your profile.

Tumbltape turns your tumblr blog into a playlist and is created by the latest songs on your tumblr blog. As new songs are uploaded,tumbltape automatically updates your tumbletape playlist, making your tumblr experience more interactive.

Hellotxt is a productivity tool that lets you save time by updating all of your social networks from the web, email or third party applications all at once, including your tubmlr.

Psolenoid supports the tumblr blog platform to connect your posts to related content of other bloggers’ articles.

Site and Browser Tumblr Tools

Tumblr Post is a wicked Firefox add on that lets you post photos, videos, quotes and audio with a simple drag and drop to your statusbar icon. Rather than copying and saving content to your desktop then uploading to tumblr, streamline your tumblr posting with a simple click.

Tumblr MP3 Player allows you to create a playlist and share your music on your tumblr blog. This is a java script with a simple copy and paste html code with step by step instructions.

Tumblr Tag Clouds is a simple copy and paste line of html that gives your blog a tag cloud which is generated dynamically so it is live. As you use tags more frequently, they become larger than the less used tags, giving new viewers an idea of what your content focuses on.

There are many more tumblr apps to use on your phone or on the web, which ones would you add to the list?