12seconds Teams with Tweetdeck, Announces API

Earlier this year the video status update service 12seconds launched an iPhone app that cleverly bypassed Apple’s video-recording limitations for third party developers, making it that much more accessible for users to send in their clips. Now a new partnership with Twitter desktop clients Tweetdeck makes it just as easy to update your 12seconds account directly from its application as well.

For 12seconds users, this means that there is an expanding number of ways in which their account status can be updated. While 12seconds launched with Twitter support for sending a tweet every time a new 12seconds update was recorded and posted, the full integration of 12seconds into Tweetdeck’s desktop client means that 12seconds is further targeting the Twitter crowd.

Seeing as the 12seconds format is quite similar to the concept of microblogging (you’re only allotted 12 seconds to create a video recording update), it’s no surprise that the company is turning to services like Tweetdeck for integration, targeting and growth. Perhaps the reasoning behind the partnership is akin to the justification behind Seesmic’s acquisition of Twhirl, another popular Twitter desktop client.

In addition to the partnership, 12seconds also tells us that it’s in the process of updating its API to allow any third party developer create recording functionality for 12seconds accounts. This will be beneficial for 12seconds’ growth as well, given the number of ways in which an updating service like 12seconds can be used in standalone or collaborative applications.

As 12seconds has also spent the better part of the past 6 months building out its feature set and seeking new users for growing its recently launched service, offering up its API for development services will expand its feature set to end users while also enabling 12seconds to expand its reach.