The Future of Architecture Clearly Involves Flying Robots

Sure, the Architecture Billings Index might now be heading in the right direction after two years of on-again off-again slumps, but what happens when the robots take over and put everyone out of business? The University of Pennsylvania‘s General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception Lab, which not only aids the development of our future overlords but also operates under the eerie acronym GRASP, has recently unveiled one of their latest projects: “Constructing with Quadrotor Teams.” In non-robot-ally language, that essentially means that it’s a project that involves flying robots who are able to build structures on their own. Granted, they’re small bits of cube-based architecture at the moment, but we figure we have until about June or July of this year until the robots take over and Norman Foster is replaced by Norbot Fosteroid. Here’s video:

Apologies for the Norbot Fosteroid joke. We thought that one was better than our first ideas: Renzo Piandroid or Rem Koolbot.