100 Expected To Be Let Go From AOL Today

aol logo.jpgAOL is expected to cut 100 jobs today, according to various reports. The move comes one week after AOL’s parent company Time Warner announced its third quarter earnings and its magazine division, Time Inc., started cutting jobs of its own.

However, as Kara Swisher at All Things Digital reports, today’s cuts are probably just a little bump in the road before “the Big One,” which will come once AOL completes its spin off from Time Warner. Following the completion of that deal, which is expected next month, upwards of 1,000 people could lose their jobs. Swisher also said that voluntary buyouts might be offered to staffers in order to reach that final number.

Here’s hoping that after all these cuts, the new AOL will be streamlined enough to survive for the next few years without any more layoffs.

AOL: Small Layoff Today, a Voluntary Buyout and, Then…the Big One –All Things Digital

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