10 Underground Facebook Apps – Shopping, Surfing, and Stats

How many Facebook applications have been created? According to the Application Directory, only 763 are available. If I were to guess, I’d say more in the range of 2,500. To get a taste of what’s coming out of dorm rooms and apartments across the world, enjoy today’s list of underground Facebook apps:

  • My Computer – Display information about your computer on your profile.
  • Social News – Like Digg, but for your Facebook friends.
  • Free Games – Play free games and put them on your profile.
  • My Shopping – Share bookmarks and reviews with your friends.
  • Countdown Timer – Add countdowns to your profile.
  • MySpace Video Viewer – Add video from MySpace to your profile.
  • Meez Avatars – Add personalized 3-D avatars to your profile.
  • Praise You – Anonymously praise and criticize your friends.
  • OneBigMix – Search your friends’ music.
  • Ridertech – Connecting riders and locations for skateboarding, snowboarding/skiing, surfing, biking, motocross and wakeboarding.