10 sources to start blogging for money

The biggest problem to start blogging is information and if you want to blog for money it is even harder and you need very much information to do things right. It was problem also for me but I found several sources that can help also you to make your first steps.

ProBlogger – first you need to get main idea about blogging and blogging for money. This is my favorite blog where you can find very much blogging tips and theory to be successful blogger.

2. DreamHost – if you after reading about blog business and understanding that is not easy still want to blog you will need a hosting. I’m using DreamHost and I think this company have one of the best offers in market and the good news is that you can get a $50-$97 discount for any hosting plan now. Just type the promo code ROTORDISCOUNT when you are registering your account and you will receive a small gift from RotorBlog 🙂
3. WordPress – if idea is clear and hosting is ready you need a blog platform. There are several platforms but this is my favorite and also one of the most popular.

4. Themes – WordPress theme viewer. Here you can choose best theme for your blog because design of blog is very important and many readers pay attention on design.

5. Plug-ins – you will also need plug-ins for your blog it allows you to add additional features and services to your blog and make it more advanced.

6. Statistics – if you are blogging for money traffic is very important thing and you will need good statistics system. I use and recommend Google Analytics – free and with many features.

7. FeedBurner – many users use feeds to read your content so this is the place where you can monitor your feed.

8. Digg – very good source of information and also Digg is helpful to boost your traffic if you are writing good content.

9. del.icio.us – social bookmarking site – same features as Digg.

10. Ads – Google AdSense – here you can get ads from Google to put them into your blog and now you can start wait for the money.

Here is only basic things to start with and if you want to be successful blogger you need to search for the information sources to make your content better and also you need to develop your blog to offer things what your readers want.

Of course if you think that something in this list is wrong or you can suggest better alternative to some points – drop a comment below.

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