10 Little Known Facts About Austin Facebook Users

Located in the center of Texas, you will find the fifteenth largest city in the United States in all its excellent weird glory. Yes, this is the city whose slogan is, “Keep Austin Weird.” Austin is Texas’ state capital and a place filled with passionate locals. The city is a vibrant town with excellent universities, delicious food, and beautiful scenery. With Austin City Limits music festival coming up this weekend, we thought it would be an excellent time to learn a little more about the city’s Facebook users. Check out our findings below!


There are roughly 981,780 Facebook users in the Austin area. About 54% of those users are women. Around 31% of Facebook users in Austin are between the ages of 18-24 which is normal as the city has a large university presence. It also could be just the massive bar scene on 6th Street, but we will give them a benefit of a doubt.

Higher Education

About 31% of those on Facebook from the area are College Graduates. The biggest university in area, and a staple of the city in general, is the University of Texas. There are about 167,360 graduates in the United States, and about 38% stay in the area. A fun fact, Wes Anderson is an alumni from the university and has about 1,860 local fans.

Another university in the area is St. Edward’s. There are about 13,960 St. Edward’s graduates in the United States on Facebook, and about 7,860 of those grads still reside in Austin.


Although the fifteenth largest city in the country, Austin still has no professional sports team in the major categories. The city does, however, rally around its main college football team. 47,360 locals on Facebook bleed orange for the University of Texas Longhorns.


Putting aside the fact that he was not born there, Stevie Ray Vaughn spent much of his life in Austin and is commemorated in statue form in the city. 7,840 Facebook users in the area keep Stevie Ray Vaughn in their hearts on the site. Country singer Willie Nelson started calling Austin home in the ’60s, and even has a road named after him Downtown. 11,380 Austinites have declared themselves Willie Nelson fans on the site. Moving forward in time, indie rock band Spoon formed in Austin and have won the hearts of 7,560 locals.

Along the lines of music, Austin is home to many different festivals varying in size. The two largest are South By Southwest and Austin City Limits. Both bring massive amounts of people from all over to the city. According to the area Facebook users, they enjoy the fun as well. South By Southwest has 17,320 hometown fans on the site. Austin City Limits is enjoyed by 44,040 locals as well as the massive numbers that will travel to the area for three days of performances.


Austin has a massive variety of food, and to sum it all up could take pages. Here are just a few examples of popular Austin eateries. 5,060 locals enjoy stopping at the different Torchys Taco’s locations. 840 enjoy grabbing a slice and sitting outside at Homeslice Pizza. The famous Don Jaun Taco is devored by over 600 locals on Facebook at Juan In A Million. 1,560 enjoy having a drink and a massive burger at Casino El Camino. Now, who’s mouth is starting to water?


Stubb’s is a go-to place for barbecue food and regular concerts. 44,000 Austinites enjoy Stubbs Bar-B-Q. You’ll find 2,520 users on Facebook enjoying the shops and delicious restaurants around South Congress. Another almost 8,000 enjoy laying out, exercising, and swimming at Barton Springs. Get away to Lake Travis with over 16,000 fans in the area.


One of the biggest companies just outside Austin in Round Rock is Dell Computers. There are about 7,400 Dell Employees residing in the Austin area who have listed the company as their employer on Facebook.


The local area newspaper, Austin American-Statesman, has a strong presence around town with 2,840 readers. The free press seems predominant on Facebook though, as the Austin Chronicle is read by 6,640 on the site. The monthly magazine Austin Monthly is read by 1,760 locals on Facebook.


Austinites are a proud bunch of locals that enjoy their town greatly. From the parks to the excellent music, and everything in between, they are very passionate about the city around them. They express that love for all things local on Facebook. You stay weird, Austin.

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