10 Facebook Apps that Let You Do Fun Stuff with your Photos

There are many applications in Facebook that lets you enhance, add effects, edit and possibly do anything with your photos. These apps gives your otherwise boring Facebook photos the boost they need to make them exciting and enticing for your friends to look at. Here are 10 of the best Facebook photo applications that lets you do fun stuff with your photos. Enjoy!


Picture 4

As it name’s suggest, this Facebook photo app lets you apply various effects to your Facebook photos and then share it with your friends and family. Choose from around 81 photo effects that you want to add to your photos using an easy-to-use interface.

Photo Tag

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This Facebook app lets you add custom speech bubbles and other items to your photos. It allows you to use as many photos as you want. What’s good about this app is the fact that it automatically tags your friends when you’ve taken their photo and decided to share it with other people on Facebook.

Blast Your Photo

Picture 6

This is a pretty straightforward photo app that lets you do one thing with your photo – add an effect that will make you appear as if you’re gargling with Listerine. It’s a simple app and yet could be fond, especially if you’ll apply it to the photos of your friends.

Your Baby Photo

Picture 7

Again another simple Facebook photo app that lets you do one thing, “babify” your own photo to make it appears as if it was taken when you were actually a baby. Another fun and cool Facebook app worth trying, if only for some laugh that you’re going to give once you see how the app will turn your old photo into your baby photo.


Picture 8

This app is a cool way of editing your Facebook photos using a single click. Choose from various effects such as cut, crop, rotate, sharpen, blend and other cool animation effects. Even more fun is the fact that you can edit your friends’ photos as well.

Phixr Photo Editor

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Phixr lets you edit your photos from simple cropping to resizing, removing red eye, adding speech bubbles, removing photo noise as well as other effects and tools. It’s actually a web browser plug-in which is ported to Facebook.

BW Photo

Picture 11

Although this Facebook photo app’s main purpose is to turn your photos into black and white it also allows to add other fun effects such as Sepia, Shadow, Saturate and more.


Picture 12

Now here’s a powerful photo editing toos for your Facebook photos. And perhaps one of the most used as well by Facebook members. It lets you create fun greeting cards, enlarge, crop, rotate, cartoonify, distory, and many other things that you can possibly do with your photos and with your friends’ photos as well.

Funny Photo Widget

Picture 13

Just by the example funny photo above, i’ll let you decide whether you’ll find this Facebook photo app funny or not. Alright, of course it’s a funny and cool photo editing tools. You can use the edited photo as your Facebook profile pic and what’s so good about it is the fact that the effects randomly changes.


Picture 14

This Facebook photo app provides cool configurable image processing effects that you can apply to your photos. It’s easy to use as well. All you need to do is to select a photo from your Facebook photo albums, select the effects you want added and automatically upload it to your album. The effects include blur, sharpen, threshhold, sepia, pencial sketch, paint draw, speckle. Yeah, it kind of reminds you of the various Photoshop effects, right. The app is pretty cool, try it.