Your wife wants the $150 jeans. You want a free beer.

Peroni_beerPlenty of beer commercials over the years have been set in department stores, where bored-stiff guys (usually football fans) manage to enjoy themselves (usually huddled inside a rack of clothes with a cooler of beer, watching football) while their wives and girlfriends shop. The people who run Bill Hallman, a clothing store in Atlanta, may have seen those ads. The upscale boutique is offering free Peroni beers to people while they shop. “A lot of times, guys are shopping next door with their wives. They come over to look, and they’re the ones who need a beer,” says a store employee. Peroni, an Italian import, pays for the privilege. And never fear—the brewer plans to take the idea beyond Atlanta. “Atlanta is the launching pad of our national campaign,” says a rep. “New York is next, then San Francisco.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd