This is your missing, addled brain on drugs


New York agency Vigilante is closing, but it's going out with a bang with three new anti-drug spots, aimed at African American teens, created on behalf of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. In the ad below, a brain on drugs doesn't resemble the proverbial fried egg—instead, it's just a normal brain, but it tends to get left at parties, endangering parents' automobiles in the process. ("Yo, you left this at the party last night," the guy's buddy says, having gone above the call of duty in returning the organ to its owner.) See two more spots after the jump—one in which a young woman points to her fashion choices as evidence that she's not easily swayed by others; and another in which a diner owner picks up the tab for a teen who declines to get high with his friends.

—Posted by Tim Nudd