‘You kin’ do it,’ says a giddy Dunkin’ Donuts

Hill, Holliday's latest advertising for Dunkin' Donuts introduces the rallying cry, "You kin' do it!" Thankfully, there's a press release which explains that "kin' do" is literally part of the DunKIN DOnuts name. Without seeing the ads, I never would have figured that out on my own, at least not before my large with six sugars. See three more new commercials here. The press release says the new campaign "cheers on the everyday people who keep America running by reminding them they can take on any task: you kin' make it through the workday, you kin' shovel out that driveway, you kin' pass that exam, you kin' finish that paperwork." Well, you kin' also join a gym to work off that bulbous butt after quaffing all those chocolate frosteds, though I doubt that iteration will make it into the campaign. Frankly, after eating a bunch of donuts, I don't feel like I kin' do much of anything. I usually just need a nap.

—Posted by David Gianatasio