Yellow Pages full of honorable superheroes

TM Advertising's latest spots for Idearc's Superpages and Verizon Yellow Pages, which characterize the small-businesses owners found in those publications as caped crusaders, raise many questions. 1) Why would I want a bunch of nuts in yellow capes doing work around my home? 2) Rather than be certified as trustworthy by the client's new SuperGuarantee program, shouldn't these folks should be certified for admission to a mental ward? (Sorry to be un-P.C. I meant funny farm.) 3) Were those really the best-looking capes they could find? Those things wouldn't pass muster at a grammar-school play. 4) Can "Idearc" please find a branding firm to devise a new name for the company, one that doesn't sound like a cat spitting up?

—Posted by David Gianatasio