Yahoo Is Bringing Back Its San Francisco Billboard, but It Won’t Be as Iconic as It Was

Motel theme is long gone

Yahoo is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, it's reviving the iconic billboard that welcomed (or repulsed) San Franciscans driving on Interstate 80's eastbound approach to the Bay Bridge. The original board was taken down only four years ago, so calling it a revival might be a stretch, but whatever. Let them have their fun.

As you may recall, the original ad looked like a campy roadside motel sign, with a yellow-and-purple color scheme that always seemed a bit too John Waters for that side of the country. It did have a lot of personality, though—check out these great snapshots on Flickr—but that's unfortunately been stripped away from the drab new sign, which is just an oversized version of the current Yahoo logo.

Here are some photos of the construction:

The new board will be used primarily to update people on product offerings, local events and other company news worth sharing. I feel like they're missing a lot of opportunities for fun, but that's why they're Yahoo and not Google.