WPP kicks some ass in Google Trends search

Adtrends Google has unveiled a new tool called Google Trends, which allows you to chart the volume of Google searches made globally for particular search terms over the past several years. Marketers might find this useful in analyzing, for example, searches for certain brand names over time. We plugged in “Omnicom,” “IPG” and “WPP.” The latter was the winner in terms of volume of searches for much of the period since 2004. In links off to the side, the program attempts to explain some of the spikes in the graphs. For example, the big jump for “WPP” searches in September 2004 (indicated by the letter B on the chart) came when WPP said it would acquire Grey Global Group. When we typed in “AdFreak,” the program mocked us by responding, “Your terms do not have enough search volume to show graphs.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd