The world of the unbeautiful models

BlackwellfilesWho says models have to be 6 feet tall and 90 pounds, or look like this? An article from the San Francisco Chronicle talks about regular-schmo models like Macy’s salesman Jay Baumgard, a “middle-aged guy with a comb-over and a couple of chins.” A casting agency called The Blackwell Files places average-looking people like Baumgard in ads and promotions. Baumgard, 48, has been in ads for Yahoo!, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Veritas and Best Software. Check out his portfolio here. Best of all, he didn’t have to even seek out the work: He was approached on the street by a camera-toting Blackwell employee, who took a shot of him and got him to sign a release form. They’re looking for confident, approachable people who are not too beautiful. So, if you get a gig, is that a compliment or an insult?

—Posted by Celeste Ward