The wonderful world of Shatner

ShattnerUpon hearing this morning that William Shatner will join opera star Frederica von Stade in singing the theme from Star Trek at the Emmy Awards this month, we began to reflect on the whole Shatner phenomenon. Where would Shatner be without those old Priceline commercials? They launched one of the weirdest celebrity comebacks in history. As Fametracker puts it, “Shatner’s had ten careers. He’s had twenty. He’s had entire careers before breakfast. You could tell your life story twice in the time it would take him to tell the story about that one time he pantsed DeForrest Kelley. Shatner has conquered. He was cool, then he was nerd-cool, then he was kitsch, then he was kitsch-cool, then he was knowing-wink cool, then just plain cool again, and now he’s something better than cool. He made himself a punch line with such debonair cunning that—guess what?—the man is not a punch line anymore.” The Shatner/von Stade number will be one of many celebrity duets at the Emmys, as part of an American Idol-type contest. Also on tap: Megan Mullally of Will & Grace will join Donald Trump in singing the theme from Green Acres.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Photo: ABC/Robert Trachtenberg