From Wisconsin, advertising’s latest twins

DoublemintThe Boynton twins of Madison, Wis., (not shown here—click on the link to see them) are getting a taste of what it must be like, on a smaller scale, to be Britney Spears. Ever since one of them (we can’t keep track of which is which, frankly) began appearing in a new ad campaign for the University of Wisconsin’s hospitals, complete strangers have been approaching them to tell their life stories. So far, the twins seem pretty amused by all the attention. But given the addictive nature of fame, it’s always possible they’ll resort to something drastic once the novelty of having one’s (or one’s sister’s) face everywhere wears off. (Heck, we caught a snippet the other day of one of those first-season Apprentice runners-up saying he’d pay $50,000 to be on another reality show.) Can an audition for the Boyntons to become the next Doublemint Twins be far behind?

—Posted by Aaron Baar