Winged pig recommends Burger King’s ribs


Burger King is now offering flame-grilled ribs. The almost $9 item seems an anachronism considering the fast-food chains' dollar-menu and five-dollar-combo wars (not to mention the failure of McDonald's McRib sandwich). So, how to sell them? In a rare spot that doesn't include the King or the price point, Crispin Porter + Bogusky gives us a pig with wings, who offers the ribs to a skeptical dude and squeals about the fact that they're "reeeeeaaaal." Let's skip the "when pigs fly" cliché and ask the more important question: Why does BK introduce a pig but then stop short of authentic suicide-food barbecue tradition by not showing him either a) being eaten himself or b) eating his own kind. Some barbecue aficionados will argue that the more disturbing the logo, the better the barbecue. So, why not go there? It would fit well with the Seth MacFarlane sponsorships, sexualized square butts, BDSM-oriented chickens and occasional case of morning tongue.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers