Win the Lotto, redeem your sucky childhood

This ad from DDB New Zealand has a Wonder Years vibe, as a balding, middle-aged family guy comes across a childhood wish list in the garage. Turns out he's achieved most of his goals. He married his grade-school crush … and he's become a millionaire—thanks to the local lottery, of course, which is the client in question. As for being a "hero" and an astronaut, well, I guess he's still working on it. It's a sweet, smartly cast and overall extremely well-done spot that almost made me forget that lotteries are for compulsive suckers like me willing to waste our money for a crack at jackpots we'll never win. Besides, the guy can't be a real lottery winner. If he were, he'd have a full head of hair and a trophy wife, he'd send the brats off to boarding school, and for damn sure he wouldn't still be living down at the ass-end of the world! Via Adoholik.

—Posted by David Gianatasio