Will digital actors break into advertising?

Now that the Japanese are experimenting with androids in their advertising, how long will it be before completely digital actors start selling us stuff? Maybe a little while, judging by this video from Pendulum Studios. The company is getting better at facial rendering but isn’t quite there yet. Advertising, of course, relies on a certain level of trust, which digitally rendered models would violate no matter how lifelike they were. (If you can tell they’re fakes, you won’t believe them; and if you can’t, you’ll feel you’ve been tricked.) Still, there could be an upside. What about augmenting bad actors’ performances with digital touch-ups from Pendulum? It wouldn’t be any different than artificially keeping pop singers’ voices in tune. And if you saw what A Scanner Darkly did for Keanu Reeves, imagine what this technology could do for the OxiClean Guy. Via Spare Room.

—Posted by David Kiefaber