Will anyone want to say it with Coastcards?

Costcard In case electronic communication is too antiseptic for your tastes, Mediacy has just developed something you might enjoy: Coastcards. Part coaster and part postcard, Coastcards are being touted as the "interactive evolution" of wedging an entire letter's worth of correspondence into a space the size of your hand. And there are social benefits, too. "While sitting at a bar," Mediacy CEO Michael Gitter says, "there's no better way to share a special experience than to have one or more friends jot down a message on a card and mail it." Maybe he has classier friends than I do, because I've seen mine get drunk in bars for years, and I can't picture myself anticipating a letter from them at that point. They might as well print Coastcards with pre-drawn copulating stick figures, because those would probably be just as heartfelt (and make about as much sense) as the messages usually sent over by my tipsy pals.

Posted by David Kiefaber