Will an air marshall please handle Mr. 14B?

Middleseat Is there a more nonsensical TV commercial on the air right now than this Wendy’s spot with the guy in the middle seat on the plane? Single guys who bring smelly fast food onto airplanes are not, as a rule, considered prime catches by the females. And yet Mr. 14B gets the royal treatment from his row-mates for bringing a sloppy burger on board. Then we get some product shots and a female voiceover that says, “You know how good the middle can be”—setting up a metaphor in which the ladies in 14A and 14C play the part of two “hot and juicy, fresh, never frozen, beef patties.” All the while, inexplicably, the Violent Femmes song “Blister in the Sun” plays in the background. Dave Thomas must be rolling in his grave.

—Posted by Tim Nudd