Wieden puts on gloves for Fight Night

Wiedenfightnight Stumped Vegas oddsmakers are buzzing about who will triumph in the Wieden + Kennedy “Fight Night,” a charity boxing event to be held in the agency’s once-industrial atrium space next Friday, April 28. It’s the brainchild of Caleb Jensen, one of the students in Wieden’s “12” program (the in-house ad school). The ex-University of Nebraska student came up with the idea to benefit the Central Oregon Boxing Club. The card includes underdog 50-year-old Jerry Ketel of Leopold Ketel & Partners against a wildcard from outside the ad industry who outweighs him by 100 pounds. The ladies’ division highlight: Wieden copywriter Margot Stern vs. Alicia Mickes from JCH. “Margot is fighting at 7:20 and has to be on a plane at 9 p.m. that evening for a photoshoot in Vegas,” Jensen says. “It’s actually for a Coke commercial, but we’re playing up the trip.” Possibly the best match, in the 165-pound class, pits James Parker of Sandstrom Design vs. Erik Weeman, a Wieden studio designer. “For a month’s worth of training, both men look good,” Jensen says. Intra-agency contests include Matt Gitchell vs. Patrick Brandimore, both 240 pounders from CMD. “We matched for size and experience, which nobody had, so that part was easy.” Borders Perrin Norrander and McClenahan Bruer are also participating sponsors. Link via AdPulp.

—Posted by Gregory Solman