Why all the fuss about Bud’s Web TV?

Budtv_1 Anyone else underwhelmed by all the hubbub about Bud.TV? Yes, I think using the honor system to keep underage drinkers away is naive, but I doubt much harm will come of it. It’s not like the “standup comedy, sports events and reality shows” Bud.TV has on tap (ha! Get it?) are much different from programming on regular TV, which airs beer ads all the time. And the critics aren’t helping their case much. David Jernigan, whose forest is apparently blocked by all those trees in the way, tells Fox News that “the more alcohol advertising that kids are exposed to, the more likely they are to drink and to drink more if they already drink.” So why isn’t he crusading against the omnipresent cultural message that people need alcohol to relax and have fun? You know, the one I’ve been getting from movies and television my whole life? It’s not true, and is certainly more worth fighting than Bud.TV ever will be. Besides, Bud needs all the advertising it can afford. It tastes pretty awful.

—Posted by David Kiefaber