The Who take the mike in Shure’s campaign


The Who sell out yet again, at least a quarter-century after anyone would care, in a new ad for Shure microphones. Yes, it's Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, the band's two surviving members, posing like the rich, deaf, old codgers they are. Keith Moon and John Entwistle, being dead, at least don't have to cringe at the sight of their bandmates posing like some pensioner couple from "my generation"—or at any rate, the generation immediately preceding mine. (Daltrey does look a bit like a granny in those glasses.) I suppose hawking musical equipment is actually borderline respectable for these guys. See the full ad here, along with other executions featuring the Black Crowes, Buddy Guy and G Love. Also set to appear in the campaign, created in-house, are Maroon 5, Brad Paisley and Martina McBride. Iggy Pop is actually too happening for this crowd. They probably invited him, and he wandered onto the set of those insurance spots by mistake.

—Posted by David Gianatasio