Whittaker’s spot mixes race, sex, chocolate


Auckland ad shop Assignment blends eroticism and chocolate—which usually mix well, at least in my daydreams and on pay-per-view—into an unappetizing mess in this Whittaker's Ghana Peppermint commercial. A black guy dives into a pool of white glop (presumably mint), while a white gal splashes around in dark chocolate. They emerge looking as if they've fallen into vats of industrial waste. That guy looks completely zombified. Then, they wipe the goop off each other's bodies for a taste. Ew! Don't they teach hygiene in school these days? That kind of behavior can cause cooties at the very least. Copyranter says the whole interracial chocolate lovers idea might have been ripped off. The actors ripped off their clothes to film the spot and act all sexy, so you might not want to watch it at work. If you do, and your uptight boss gets mad, try giving him or her some chocolate. That way, at least the boss will be smiling as you're ushered out the door. There's a "making of" clip after the jump.