Whiskey always leads to some crazy fun!

Soco You’re at a bar with friends, doing shots of Southern Comfort. I’m not sure how many. Six. Eight, max. I’m not a drinker. Anyway, you pound down the SoCo and bust some whiskey-fueled cool-crazy moves. That’s when a smart-ass from work (probably Fred from accounting) whips out a camera-phone and snap … the moment’s frozen forever. Perhaps such a night inspired Arnold’s latest SoCo campaign, which “shows hipsters hitting the bar for some dancing and clowning around. Images are frozen as if someone has snapped photos of the revelers.” The tagline is, “For picture perfect nights, drink responsibly,” advice Arnold could use at its own year-end parties. The holidays are coming up. Time to grease the pole! This year, they should use SoCo and make Crispin Porter drunk with envy.

—Posted by David Gianatasio