‘Whip ’em out!’ says celeb breastfeeding ad


Celebrities love talking about their boobs, though usually it's in the context of a breast-cancer advocacy pitch. In the PSA below, they're talking about breastfeeding, which is more of a loaded issue—though that doesn't stop Kelly Rutherford, Ali Landry, Lisa Loeb, Constance Marie and Ana Gasteyer, along with some non-celeb moms, from relating their personal stories of nursing the young-'uns. They also throw in the usual bunch of breast euphemisms, apparently for added "shock value." The result, part of TheBump.com's celebration of National Breastfeeding Month, is fairly vanilla, and even the "Whip 'em out!" tagline is unlikely to offend. To provoke more outrage, you have to include horrifying images of dazed, drooling, breast-milk-filled tots. Via AgencySpy.