‘Where the Wild Things Are’ trailer unveiled

Well, here’s the long-awaited trailer for Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are. (It premiered today on Ellen. We wrote about the first poster last week.) From the looks of it, the movie spends a fair amount of time on Max’s pre-adventure life, in which he appears to be something of a starry-eyed outcast, estranged from his peers and even, perhaps, his mother—and obsessed with sailing away to a fantasy world. The scenes from the land of the Wild Things, meanwhile, mostly involve a dazed Max being spirited away from some unseen danger by one of the wild hairy beasts. There’s also a Perfect Storm-like scene, in which the ocean tumbles by in impressive fashion. The trailer wraps on the “Oh, please don’t go” scene from the book, and overall delivers a decent, if totally vague, emotional thump. The Arcade Fire song “Wake Up” (apparently reworked slightly from the original) works nicely, too.

—Posted by Tim Nudd