Where were the Segways last week?

Last week’s NYC transit strike seemed like the perfect time
for the Segway scooter to make a comeback. We had visions of hundreds of
commuters following Mayor Bloomberg in a parade of Segways over the Brooklyn Bridge as part of a truly
forward-thinking contingency plan. Of course, it didn’t happen. It’s been four
years since the Segway’s introduction, and its market failure has always seemed
a bit of a mystery (although not to BusinessWeek, apparently). In any case,
Segway inventor Dean Kamen has unveiled his latest toy, this one with perhaps
even greater promise—an energy-efficient filtration system that can transform
any water and convert it into drinkable H2O. Here’s a headline that sums up
Kamen’s demonstration of the device: “Segway Inventor Drinks His Own Pee.” Ew.

—Posted by Tim Nudd