When to take a bathroom break?

ToiletBy kickoff time on Sunday, will there be a man, woman or child in America who hasn’t been queried for a Super Bowl poll? So we wonder here at AdFreak as we pass along info-tidbits from yet another such survey. Conducted by Penn, Schoen and Berland, this one found 58 percent of respondents saying they’d “rather go to the bathroom during the game than miss the commercials.” That makes some sense when you consider that there will be countless replays of crucial moments in the game, while viewers may or may not see some of the best commercials again. In any case, 44 percent of those polled said they’re more likely to remember the commercials than the game, vs. 37 percent saying they’re more likely to remember the game than the commercials. While Super Sunday has become a big sales day for snack foods and beer, clothiers should get into the act, too: 13 percent of respondents said they wear “special clothing” that day.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver